Research Outline

Expanders for the Reticular Activating System


To identify at least five people who have served as expanders in people's minds for their Reticular Activating System that have shown that once something can be done, others immediately begin doing the same thing for purposes of writing a book.

Early Findings

Preliminary research shows that there is available data on people who have served as expanders by showing people what is possible and breaking barriers. In our early searches, we identified two such people, who are detailed as follows.


  • Charles Lindbergh became the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean without making a stop, which was once thought to be impossible.
  • Lindbergh's transatlantic flight "made him an international sensation, popularized the concept of air travel and showed the world the potential of aviation."
  • Prior to his flight, he was told that a "solo trip across the Atlantic on a single-engine plane would be hazardous, if not suicidal."
  • In addition, major airline companies dismissed Lindbergh's flight because there was no possibility of an "unknown airmail pilot from St. Louis achieving what no one had before."
  • Following his flight, Americans gained more confidence in airplane travel and "suddenly everyone wanted to fly."
  • In addition, aviation stocks soared, which prompted "more and more fledgling airlines" to emerge.


  • Rhonda Rousey became the first woman to fight in the "Ultimate Fighting Championship's iconic Octagon."
  • UFC president Dana White said women would never fight in that arena. He was asked when he would promote his first women's fight, he said, "never."
  • Once she broke through, "the best female bantamweights in the world began fighting under the UFC banner, thrilling fans around the globe."
  • Rousey stated, "At one point, it was bad to be female and walk in a gym, and people don’t understand that. But now they’re all looking for the next female fighter that’s going to make it."
  • Now there are over 90 women competing in the UFC.
  • She also became the first American woman to medal in judo at the Olympics, winning a bronze in 2008.
  • Other women followed, with American Kayla Harrison winning gold in judo in 2012.