Research Outline

ARPU for the Disney Visa and Premier Co-branded Card Program


To provide the average revenue per user (ARPU) for the Disney Visa and Premier Card Program

Early Findings

Disney Overall ARPU

General Insights on the Disney Visa and Premier Cards and Chase Bank

  • The primary benefits to the Disney Visa and Premier Cards for card holders are mainly to enjoyed while on vacation in the various parks and experiences such as room discounts at the resorts, bonuses in dining, and discounts on tours.
  • As information on the membership numbers on the Disney Visa and Premier Cards was not publicly available, we looked at other proxy memberships that could give an indication of subscription and found that there is Disney Vacation Club with 41,300 members on Facebook, the Disney Tourist Blog with 178,000 followers on Facebook, the Disney Parks Blog with 769,000 followers, and All Things Disney with 241,666 members.
  • Chase Bank has 83 million card holders and is the second-largest issuer of general-purpose credit cards in the U.S. with rewards from companies like Disney.
  • Chase has more than two dozen branded or co-branded cards, and its card income was $4.9 billion in 2018.
  • On average, credit card companies make $213 per year from each active account.

Summary of Findings

In this hour of research, we were unable to find additional information that could aid in providing the ARPU for Disney Visa and Premier co-branded card program. The cardholders' statistics were not available in any of the publicly available documents from Disney and Chase Bank. We have shared information on the estimate of the overall Disney ARPU, as well as insights on Disney Visa and Premier Cards and Chase Bank's placement on the credit card and co-branded credit card segments.