Research Outline

Fortune 1000 Employees Over $100K


Provide data regarding what percent of Fortune 1000 companies have more than 500 employees that earn over $100,000 per year, in order to prospect companies to sell services to

Early Findings

  • Many roles at the average Fortune 500 company have salary averages in the over $100,000 range, including approximately $100,000 per year for Outside Sales Representative to $120,000 per year for Senior Electrical Engineer.
  • However, the average salary for Fortune 500 jobs is $81,642.
  • Fortune 1000 companies have 33.9 million employees globally.
  • Related to this, for the S&P 500, the median compensation is $70,244, compared to average pay for all U.S. workers, which is only $47,792.
  • Companies in the pharmaceutical, technology and energy sectors had the highest average pay. At Facebook the median compensation is $240,430.