Research Outline

Fully distributed/remote companies


Develop a comparison of the remote work models of various companies that have an entirely distributed workforce.

Early Findings


  • 10up is a web design and development consulting firm. The company was founded in 2011 and has an estimated 200 employees.
  • The company's remote work manifesto is described on their website: "The best talent isn’t found in a single zip code, and an international clientele requires a global perspective. From New York City, to the wilds of Idaho, to a dozen countries across Europe, our model empowers us to bring in the best strategists, designers, and engineers, wherever they may live. Veterans of commercial agencies, universities, start ups, nonprofits, and international technology brands, our team has an uncommon breadth... Independence from traditional “brick and mortar” offices, freedom from commutes, and flexible schedules across nearly a dozen time zones means our team works when and where they’re most inspired, available when our clients need them."
  • One of the company's best practices is keeping regular office hours for all employees. 10up's workforce is scattered across the globe, so working hours are adjusted by time zone, but overall employees are expected to keep consistent hours, typically 9-5. This allows for team collaboration and provides consistency for clients.
  • Another best practice is to err on the side of over-communication. Much of the spontaneous and organic communication that happens in an office environment is lost when working remotely, so companies have to over-compensate by creating many opportunities for employees to communicate. 10up uses "cameras on" video conferencing; an online chat platform; regular meetings; digital tools; and a company intranet.
  • Third, 10up encourages the development of personal relationshisp amongst coworkers. The company leverages those communication tools, such as Slack, to create a virtual "water cooler" environment that allows coworkers to connect socially. In addition, the company holds to annual retreat so coworkers have a chance to meet in-person and bond.