Research Outline

GenX Shopping & Purchase Motivations


To understand the key shopping and purchase motivations of GenX, with a focus on higher earning (income over and male members of the demographic

Early Findings

GenX Shopping & Purchase Motivations

  • GenX consumers have an income that is higher-than-average, and spending power of $2.4 trillion.
  • They also are highly motivated by freebies and coupons, which both generate purchases and long term brand loyalty.
  • They’re also more open to unique and innovative ideas than some other generations.
  • They spend more money on food and wine than any other generation, with their top values being quality, ability to customize choices, and overall satisfaction.
  • They typically come from dual income households, and are buying food and beverages and household items for multiple household members and age groups.
  • When on the path to purchase, Gen X are highly skeptical, and seek out honest and clear marketing messages.
  • Nostalgia and sentimentality drive this segment, with products associated with the video games, candy, and hobbies of their youth being driving factors to purchase as well.
  • Their top values when shopping and selecting brands are authenticity, responsibility, loyalty, honesty, equality, and success.