Research Outline

Company Culture


Determine the best practices that various firms such as startup technology companies and video game companies apply to have a good engineering culture. Determine also any specific technologies or communication mediums that they have referenced, or cultural values, creeds, and others that they manifest.

Early Findings

Company Culture

Electronic Arts

  • Electronic Arts is a video game company that aims to have a culture where their employees are their source of strength.
  • The company also ensures that it is focused on strengthening its relationship with the players as it consider them as its "most valuable asset."
  • The company is also committed to ensure that it is fostering a passionate, creative, and innovative culture throughout its organization, with a strong regard to its players. The company is crediting this type of culture in their success.
  • The company also implemented a code of conduct to ensure that its employees are doing the right thing as they go about their work.
  • They have opened a communication channel to raise concerns on any code violation.
  • The company is also allowing its employees to express their thoughts on social media as long as they will follow EA's communication guidelines.
  • They can also use LinkedIn to network with other professionals as long as they are not sharing anything confidential.


  • Indeed fosters collaboration and teamwork among its employees.
  • It also encourages its employees to communicate their ideas and work with each other to contribute to the company's goals.

Summary of Findings:

Our one hour of research provided some of the cultural aspects of Electronic Arts, a gaming company and Indeed, a startup job posting company.