Research Outline

Growing a YouTube Gaming Channel


Identify some best practices and tactics to help grow your YouTube gaming channel.

Early Findings

Preliminary research indicates there are a number of effective tactics and strategies that could be used to grow a youtube gaming channel considerably. Our initial research uncovered the following strategies:

  • According to Digital Hustler, the most important tactic to growing a YouTube gaming channel is to choose a niche and focus on developing that particular niche. Choosing a specific niche will help your subscribers easily tell what you're about and help them decide if they like your channel or not.
  • Another important factor to consider is the quality of content on the channel. Digital Hustler recommends that youtubers focus more on the quality of the videos they post than the quantity of videos they create. Great videos drive consistency, and this has helped a lot of YouTube channels grow and stay afloat even if they do not post videos regularly.
  • Engaging the power of social media has also been proven to be an effective tactic for growing a YouTube gaming channel. According to Grin, having a social media presence where your audience can also reach you outside gaming will help retain and grow your audience.
  • To experience even more growth, Grin advises gamers to create a personality and prioritize themselves over the games. Youtube gamers with personality and great presentation have been observed to experience more growth compared to those that do not.
  • Another little-known tactic is using Youtube's autoplay tool to keep viewers engaged. Compiling a list of your top videos in a playlist can help keep your viewers glued to your channel hence increasing your viewership.