Research Outline

Hal Target Market


To identify precise locations where the company Hal could sell its virtual assistant services, made up of real people, for $10 a month.

Early Findings

  • The New York based entrepreneur Matt Holmes writes in that he hires his virtual assistants from ‘Online Jobs’, which is a community of remote workers ready to be employed by US employers.
  • provides the list of top seven virtual assistant services companies in New York, NY. Currently, these top seven companies are: GYST, Fancy Hands, Lambent Services, Cyber City, AskSunday, Boldly Jobs, and
  • For each of these companies, provides a profile page where information essential to know before selecting the company are listed.
  • These essentials include website address, user reviews, and other necessary business information, such as the number of employees, commercial focus of the company, service area details, platforms supported, exact address of the company, etc.
  • has also listed 5 virtual assistant services companies in Los Angeles that are top according to them. These companies were VaVa Virtual Assistants, Buying Time, The Pocketbook Agency, Red Butler and California Concierge.
  • Other than, virtual assistant services companies also use review platforms such as to reach out to the potential consumer.
  • For example, provides listicles such as: ‘Top Virtual Assistant Services in Canada’ or ‘Best Virtual Assistant Services in New York
  • Sites such as also help virtual assistant services companies to reach out to their client-base.
  • The list titled ‘Top 25 Virtual Assistant Companies’, compiled by, has got companies listed from diverse markets, such as Worldwide 101, Wishup and Noon Dalton for New York City; Affiliated Outsourcing and Worldwide 101 for Los Angeles; and Noon Dalton for Miami.