Research Outline

Market Research Strategies for Healthcare Companies


To gain insights into the market research strategies for healthcare companies.

Early Findings

    • Physician Satisfaction Research to establish better ways to communicate with physicians, discover new opportunities for their growth, and improve their work-life balance.
    • Consumer Market Assessment (CMA)-which seeks to gain insights into consumers’ perceptions, ’ attitudes, and usage of an institution’s products and services.
    • Employee Engagement Research to understand employees’ experiences, attitudes, and perceptions about the hospital.
    • Ad Testing to “determine the most effective ad concept prior to a campaign launch and test for advertising recall among consumers post-launch. ”
  • Other research strategies in the healthcare industry include;
    • Branding and positioning studies
    • Awareness and knowledge of product lines
    • Patient satisfaction research
    • Community image and awareness research
    • Advertising testing and effectiveness research
    • Needs assessment studies
    • Research regarding new products/services
    • Communications concept testing