Research Outline

Fresh Vanilla Bean Farms and Exporters


To identify farms or exporters who export fresh vanilla beans directly from Madagascar or Tahiti to the United States (excluding existing importers, brokers, or second-hand distributors). Specific details desired are name of company, address, website, phone, and email address. This information will be used to build a list of fresh vanilla bean suppliers.

Early Findings

Fresh Vanilla: Madagascar

  • Approximately 80% of world's vanilla is grown by small farmers in Madagascar.
  • Price has been driven up over the past several years due to an increase in global demand and reduced supply due to weather conditions.
  • Middlemen are very common in the industry, brokering deals between the farmers and companies who distill the vanilla beans and sell to large multi-nationals.

Socita Group: Madagascar Spices and Grain Export

Pure Vanilla

  • Pure Vanilla is a certified vanilla producer and exporter in Sambava, Madagascar, who works with partner farmers in the SAVA region. They are a family-run company, focused on sustainability, who sells to wholesalers.
  • Their website link is here.
  • Their address is: Lot LT 003 Antanifotsy II Sambava 208 Madagascar.
  • Their phone is: 00 261 34 97 140 04.
  • Their email address is:

Vanilla Direct

  • Vanilla Direct claims to sell vanilla straight from their farms in the North of Madagascar. They offer to sell any quantity of vanilla, 100% natural, organic, fair trade, and GMO and Gluten-Free.
  • Their website link is here.
  • Their phone number is +49 176 28854994.
  • Their email address is:
  • We could not find an address for this company.

Excelia Madagascar

  • This company claims to be a direct exporter of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar around the world.
  • They are based in Antahala, Madagascar, the "vanilla capital of the world."
  • Their website link is here.
  • Their address is: Lot J 56B rue de Calais, Tanambao Antalaha - 206 - MADAGASCAR.
  • Their email address is:

Be Far Organisation

  • This company is listed as an exporter of vanilla beans from Madagascar, but they do not have a website. Their Facebook site can be accessed here.
  • Their address is: Lot II A 14 Ter b Amboditsiry 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar.
  • Their email address is:
  • Their phone number is: +261 33 73 042 54.

Summary of Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • In this first hour of research, we were unable to identify any farmers who directly export pure vanilla beans to the US.
  • We did identify some companies who appeared to export vanilla beans direct from Madagascar farms, either as the owner of the farm or working with a farming co-op. It is possible some of these companies may qualify as 'brokers', though they did not identify themselves as such, and their messaging emphasized their closeness to the original source of the vanilla bean (the farms).
  • This list identifies some additional exporters of vanilla beans, but we only had time to investigate the first company on the list during preliminary research. Additional research may be able to uncover more information about these exporters.
  • We were unable to find any relevant information about Tahitian vanilla bean farmers or exporters.
  • Our recommendations reflect the information we were able to uncover in early research.