Research Outline

Garlic Suppliers


To provide a list of suppliers of colossal garlic from Spain to the US or suppliers of colossal garlic grown in the US.

Early Findings

  • Southern Exporters Spain is a ”trading company, specialized in import and export of potatoes, onions and garlic, fresh fruits and vegetables.” Telephone: +34 956442011. E-mail:
  • Pacheco Y Picazo. Telephone: 034 967160253. Email:
  • Cebollas Cifuentes exports fresh foods including onions and various species of garlic. Tel: 967 582 356. E-mail:
  • Sybaris Market exports garlic grown in ”Las Pedroñeras, the highest quality site of Spanish garlic.” Telephone: +34 961 059 038. Email:
  • Vegefres exports vegetables and certain roots, tubers, and edibles. Address: C Muelle 24 Entreplanta 02001 Albcete, Spain.
  • Valex. Address: Valencia 46002, Spain. The supplier can also be contacted by filling this form.
  • Nevaajos is a Spanish supplier of white spring and violet garlic. The supplier can be contacted by filling this form.
  • Azul Zaudin S L. The supplier can be contacted by filling this form.


Above, we have provided 8 suppliers of garlic from Spain to the US. Unfortunately, we could not find suppliers of colossal garlic only, therefore, we had to expand the scope to include all kinds of garlic.
To confirm the suppliers listed are capable of exporting to the US, we checked each company’s track record to confirm that they have supplied to the US recently.