Research Outline

Fresh Turmeric Roots Export Companies


To identify companies that are either growers or exporters of fresh turmeric roots to the US market from Jamaica.

Early Findings

Rowan’s Royale

  • Rowan’s Royale is a farm located in the Blue Mountains at an altitude of over 4000 feet, above Silver Hill Gap, Portland, Jamaica.
  • Although organic Jamaica blue mountain coffee is the main crop and export for the farm, it also grows root crops, such as turmeric and ginger.
  • The web address of the company can be found here.
  • The contact numbers of the farm are +1876-927-2015 (Dorienne Rowan-Campbell) and +1876-779-4408.

Farm Up Jamaica

  • Farm Up Jamaica is a non-profit organization, located in New York, USA, with its farms located in Westmoreland, Jamaica.
  • The organization has been formed to create global, multi-impact partnerships in order to help expand the production of organically-grown produce like turmeric while preserving its Jamaican integrity.
  • The impact sourcing program of Farm Up allows corporate partnerships that help farmers make a sustainable living in exchange of gaining a strategic sourcing advantage for high quality organic products.
  • The link to the website of Farm Up can be found here
  • The contact number of the organization is (516) 376-1626