Research Outline

US Gaming Companies


Determine the number of gaming companies headquartered within the US with 500 – 10,000 employees (mid market companies) and 10,000 – 50,000 employees (enterprise companies). For each, provide the company name, employee count and revenue.

Early Findings

  • US video game developers employ 37,122 workers, while US video game publishers employ 28,556 workers.
  • In the US, there are 2,322 video game developer locations and 526 publisher locations.
  • The video game industry in the US generates an estimated $30.4 billion in revenue.

Mid Market Video Game Developers

Enterprise Companies

Research Summary

The initial research found some general information about the video gaming industry, and identified one mid market video game company and one enterprise company. No pre-compiled list of video game developers by employee count was found, therefore, it was necessary to search individually by company. It was found that most video game companies have very few employees, generally under 1,000.