Research Outline

Private Group Ground Transportation


To understand the market size of the private group ground transportation industry within the United States, including a breakdown into recurring contracts, exclusive vendor contracts that are paid on a per use basis, and one-time uses.

Early Findings

Charter Buses

  • In 2018, the U.S. charter bus market size is estimated at $3.1 billion. The industry grew at an annual rate of 3.9% over the last 3 years.
  • There are over 1,200 companies in the industry and the average sales per company were $2.5 million.

Airport Shuttles

  • The 2019 estimated U.S. revenue for the airport shuttle operators industry is $1 billion, with annual growth of 1.5% from 2014-2019.

Hotel Shuttles

  • Although initial research did not find any data on the market size of the hotel shuttle market, some hotels are reconsidering whether offering the service is necessary. This could potentially mean a decline in the industry.
  • A shuttle van can cost a hotel $150,000-$175,000 per year. It is not clear if this is the cost for a hotel to self-operate the service or if this is the cost of outsourcing the service.


  • The estimated 2019 U.S. limousine revenue is $4.78 billion. What portion of this revenue is due to groups of 5 or more was not publicly available.

Large Players

  • The largest company in the motor coach industry in the United States based on the size of their fleet is First Group America with 12,500 buses.

Summary of Findings

  • There does not appear to be any publicly available market data on the specific industry of interest. This is likely because it is a niche market that is actually made up of several industries including charter buses, shuttle buses, and limos. Much of the market data available does not categorize revenue based on the number of passengers, so information specific to carriers catering to groups of 5-70 people can't be extrapolated.