Research Outline

Power Grid Contractors - Europe


To provide a competitor analysis of the organizations in Europe that connect land-based renewable energy sources to the power grid and their size, revenue, and future projects. The countries of interest are Germany, UK, France, Spain, Poland, and Portugal. This will be used to create a market analysis.

Early Findings

M&M Contractors

  • M&M Contractors is one of the leading power solution providers in the UK. The work they do includes cable laying, jointing and terminating, commissioning, substation builds, connections, supply restoration, and repairs.
  • It has its headquarters in Belfast, Ireland. M&M Contractors had increased revenue to $12 million in 2016.
  • They are currently working on projects in UK, Republic, US, Canada, and the Netherlands. This year they will expand into France and Spain.
  • Lakenheath Solar Farm, Nottingham Solar Farm, and Wind Farm for Northern Power Generation are some projects M&M Contractors worked on.

German Asean Power

  • German Asean Power offers engineering, procurement, and construction services to third parties, working in the role of complete turnkey or subcontractor. They have an annual revenue of $7.2 million.
  • They also work on a range of their own projects, including design, construction, installation, and connection of solar power plants.


  • In our first hour of research, we have been able to find some information required for two companies. There seems to be a reasonable amount of information of this nature available online. We suggest continuing down the initial research path.