Research Outline

European Loan Servicing Providers Overview


To gather information about loan servicing providers in the European market in order to understand the opportunity size, competition, and growth in the direct-to-consumer lending industry. This information will be used for the purpose of product discovery. It will include the company's age, amount of money raised, percentage of market share, key differentiators, transaction volume, revenues, founding team, and market reach.

Early Findings

Loan Servicing in Europe

  • In Europe, loan services companies include third-party loan servicing companies that perform activities such as credit performance monitoring, and the enforcement of rights and obligations such as debt collection.
  • This type of company is also known as credit servicers.
  • According to a report by the European Union on loan servicers and buyers, European credit servicers tend to only be active in one European Union country, and there is not a large number of them.
  • In the EU, there are 47 active financial groups that provide loan servicing, with 20 of them being active in only one country.

Loan Services Companies in the European Union (EU)

  • The EU provides a list of the main loan servicing companies in Europe.
  • It includes companies such as Arrow Global Group, Capita Asset Services, and Axactor.

Arrow Global Group