Research Outline

Deadman's Switch Comparison


Provide a report comparing the effectiveness, and pros & cons of various versions of deadman's switches mentioned in the previous report.

Early Findings


  • There doesn't seem to be much negative press surrounding Dead Man's Switch. For example, sites that analyze whether a product is a scam seem to be in favor of this product, however, it should be noted that overall consumer reviews and opinions of this product are lacking.
  • Nearly all the reviews and consumer opinions of this product and its effectiveness that are publicly available are vastly out-of-date, extending as far back as 2012 or 2008. The most in depth of these reviews can be found here.
  • Some tech-saavy consumers have questioned the security of this company's website.
  • The process of using this product appears to be simple, as the user appears to only need to write a few e-mails, select the senders, and then save them.
  • Users can write up two emails for free before needing to upgrade to a premium account that will allow them to write more emails.
  • The user can choose how often they want the system to send them a check in email to determine if the user is still alive.
  • The user can notify the system if they know they will be inactive/away for some period of time and unable to check their email for the check ins.
  • The user only has a maximum 60 days from the date of their last check in to let the system know they are still alive before the system automatically sends out the emails to their loved ones.
  • One may logically assume that this check-in process could become monotonous/redundant, or if the user forgets to check their email for some extended period of time because they get busy or go on a trip, etc. then it seems that the system may end up sending out the emails even though the user is still alive.
  • Some consumers have expressed opinions that the security of this company's website may be questionable (i.e. may be easily hacked), likely suggesting that users use caution in regard to the level of hypersensitive information they allow to be stored on the site.


  • No consumer reviews of were located.
  • No objective insights regarding the effectiveness of this product were located.
  • A lack of consumer insight on this project has prevented an analysis into its effectiveness from being completed.
  • Rather than just attempting to contact the user by email to check in on their livelihood as some other deadman's switch products do, this product will attempt to call or text the user in addition to email.
  • Users can store any size file and any file type.
  • Unclear origins of this website.
  • Lack of detail into the safety and security of the website, as well as a lack of detail regarding the overall company.


  • Nearly half of the world's population uses Google's services, making it one of the largest tech companies in the world. Based on this, one could logically assume that Google deadman's switch is likely effective.
  • Google's Inactive Account Manager was launched in 2013 and since then there does not appear to have been any negative press about this product, such as the product being ineffective.
  • Google provides users with flexible options in regard to when the deadman switch is activated.
  • Autoreply feature can be enabled for anyone attempting to contact that user after they have become inactive.
  • Users can decide if they want their account deleted once it has become inactive or to simply mark it as inactive.
  • Anyone who the user chooses to notify (up to 10 people) will have access to the user's data once the user has become inactive, however the user can choose which pieces of data they will have access to, which helps to cancel out this con.
  • It doesn't appear this service is intended for sending personalized postmortem sentiments to loved ones as the previous products mentioned here are.


  • Very little is known about the effectiveness of these products, likely due to the fact that the user would no longer be alive once the products use is realized and therefore unable to publish their opinions/thoughts/reviews of the products.
  • There doesn't seem to be any negative press regarding these products that would highlight their ineffectiveness, such as anecdotes of sensitive information being sent out to loved one's while the user is still alive, etc.