Research Outline

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software


To compile a list of all the top partner relationship management (PRM) tools/software, a brief summary of the unique/notable features of each tool, details on what kind of person or organization is best suited to that tool, and pricing details for each tool. This research will help partner managers at SaaS companies learn which partner relationship management (PRM) tools are right for them.

Early Findings

  • For the purpose of this research, PRM tools/software will be defined as follows:
  • "Partner management software, sometimes called partner relationship management (PRM), provide businesses with tools to track sales partners and affiliates, and for those partners to communicate with and receive support from the business. Partner management software provides a private portal for each partner, where they can access documents, campaign materials, market development funds (MDF), opportunities, and deals."

Top Partner Relationship Management Software


  • has compiled a list of 50 Partner Relationship Management Software based on G2 Scores, popularity, and satisfaction. G2 Score is calculated by considering user reviews and data compiled from online sources and social network. An algorithm is then applied to calculate "satisfaction" and "market presence" of each tool.
  • As per the G2 Scores, the top 10 Partner Relationship Management Software include Impact, ZINFI, Allbound PRM, Salesforce Partner Relationship Management, Impartner PRM, Zift Solutions, TUNE (formerly HasOffers), PartnerStack, LeadMethod PRM, and NetSuite CRM+ Partner Relationship Management.
  • A complete list of 50 PRM tools identified by can be found here.


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