Research Outline

Players in VR-Enabled Experience Design Services


To obtain information on key players offering VR-enabled experience design services, including their revenue, product lines, key clients, client wins, and recent news. The data (in a spreadsheet format) will be used to inform a go-to-market selling strategy to CPG, hospitality, healthcare, and retail industries looking to leverage VR and obtain data points supporting VR for team (or customer) collaboration, VR for Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) training programs.

Early Findings


  • Strivr was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
  • The company prides itself as the leader in Immersive Learning and seeks to revolutionize how companies train and perform.
  • The company specializes in Virtual Reality (VR) to design solutions to help employees become better prepared, more engaged, and acquire new skills faster with data-driven insights.
  • As one of its solutions, Strivr has a software platform which “is based on a secure and compliant infrastructure. It powers the creation, management, and experience of immersive training with a unique level of data-driven insights and predictive analytics.”
  • It also offers professional services, including strategy and planning, curriculum design, performance analysis, customer support, and implementation & change management.
  • The company has an estimated annual revenue of $10M.

Use Cases and Client Wins

  • Health and Safety: One of the use cases of Strivr solutions is in the area of health and safety, where employees are trained on hazard identification, safety procedures, emergencies, confined space, and lock-out tag-out procedures.
  • One client win was with Verizon Associates, who “learned to handle robberies at store opening and closing, as well as ‘snatch & grab’ scenarios.”
  • Through VR, they were able to experientially learn about the desired critical steps of deescalating a high-risk situation and how to make the right decisions under pressure.
  • Customer Service: For customer service, Strivr provides services for front-line employee training, empathy training, handling difficult customers, call center training.
  • Through Strivr's Immersive Learning, Verizon’s call center employees learned about essential tips to understand, manage, and deescalate angry customers.
  • Soft skills: Strivr also has solutions for inculcating soft skills such as giving feedback, hiring, on boarding, interview training, difficult conversations, executive and manager development, and candidate and employee assessment.
  • Operational Efficiency: The company provides solutions for operational efficiency, including front-line processes, store operations, a new process or equipment roll out, and lean methodology training.

Recent News

  • An article titled "To train more workers, companies turn to virtual reality", Strivr is mentioned as one of the companies at the forefront of virtual-reality based employee training, alongside Talespin.