Research Outline

Impact of Social Media


To obtain information about the impact that social media has on creativity and human development. This research would used to prove the importance of social media marketing agencies.

Early Findings

  • When compared to other media, the influence that social media has in political campaigns has increased remarkably.
  • In electoral politics, social networks are also playing an increasingly important role. This was evident in Howard Dean's unsuccessful candidacy in 2003. Also, the first African-American president benefited from social networks in 2008.
  • A Pew Research study reported that 62% of people source their news from social media. Also, 18% of people use social media very often to find news.
  • The New York Times stated that “The election of Donald J. Trump is perhaps the starkest illustration yet that across the planet, social networks are helping to fundamentally rewire human society.”
  • Nearly a quarter of the global population is now on Facebook. In the United States 79% of all internet users are on Facebook.
  • Without social media, environmental, ethical, political, and social ills would have minimal visibility. As issues have become more visible, the balance of power has moved from the hands of a few back to the masses.
  • Businesses have now realized that they can leverage social media in generating insights, stimulating demand, and creating targeted product offerings.
  • Full implementation of "social technologies in the workplace removes boundaries, eliminates silos, and can raise interaction and help create more highly skilled and knowledgeable workers".
  • Social media benefits business brands in the following ways:
    • Businesses can innovate and improve their product offerings through the real time feedback received on social media.
    • It creates a platform that enables fair competition between businesses of all sizes.
    • Social increases the efficiency of the sales process. It also increases the productivity of employees.