Research Outline

Business Insights Industry


To provide an overview of the business insights industry and a competitive landscape of Wonder, AISense, CB Web, and Rokt. The overview should include the following insights:
  • The market size of the business insights industry.
  • The growth rate of the industry over the past 10 years.
  • An analysis of a market/business research company's primary activities.
  • And 3-5 facts/stats about this industry.
The competitive landscape should cover the following about each competitor:
  • The year it was founded.
  • Who founded it.
  • The most recent valuation that is publicly available and the names of investors for that funding around.
  • The company's estimated revenue.
  • A list of the company's key customers (if available, include the number of years the customer has been a client of the company).
  • The company's comparative advantage (i.e. something they do that is different from the other competitors on the list).

Early Findings

Industry Overview

  • The market research industry in the United States is worth $22.8 billion as of 2019 and has been growing at a rate of 2.1% CAGR since 2014.
  • There is an available market report on the insights-as-a-service market for 2019, however, the hard data showing the market size and growth rate have not been made publicly available.
  • A 2016 report notes that the insights-as-a-service market was worth $1.1 billion that year, globally, and is projected to be worth $3.33 billion by 2021, growing at a rate of $23.5% CAGR.


  • Founded: 2012 by Justin Wohlstader (CEO) and (Formerly) Michael Kohen (Chief Product Manager).
  • Valuation: According to Crunchbase, Wonder received funding in 2014, 2013, and 2012, however, the valuation of the company was not made public during any of these rounds. In 2014, the investors were as follows: ff Venture Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Boldstart Ventures, and First Round Capital. According to Pitchbook, Wonder received $12.6 million in funding as of 2017, however, the valuation for this round is also not publicly available. No other resources were located that report this data.
  • Estimated Revenue: There is no revenue publicly available for Wonder. They are a private company and do not publish and annual report. Also, no estimated revenue was given on company databases such as Owler and Hoovers.
  • Key Customers: According to their official website, Wonder's key clients include: Autodesk, HP, FIS, Deloitte, Bloomberg Beta, IDEO, Johnson & Johnson, MRY, OmnicomGroup, P&G, PWC, Shell Oil, Udacity, We Are Social, and WPP. However, there are no press releases or other resources publicly available that showcase how long each firm has been a client for.

AISense (now known as

  • Valuation: As of 2017, estimated the company's valuation to be between $40 million and $60 million. The company's 2017 funding round included the following investors: Horizons Ventures, Draper Associates, Bridgewater Associates, and David Cheriton.
  • Estimated Revenue: According to Crunchbase/Owler, this company has an estimated revenue of $2 million.

Results of Early Findings

  • There appears to be some information publicly available with regard to the founding history, valuation, estimated revenue, and key customers of the aforementioned companies, however, this information may not be available for all companies. Additional research must be conducted to uncover as much of the requested information about each company as possible.
  • We may be able to triangulate a market size and growth rate for the business insights industry, however, additional research would need to be conducted to determine if this is possible. Otherwise, we can find related market sizing insights and growth rates.