Research Outline

Executive Employees at Luxury Hotels Review


To review this spreadsheet and determine which of the hotels mentioned do not match the specified profile (luxury/boutiquish hotels (serve upscale segment), have a few properties with at least 50 rooms per property, are not mega-chains), add 30 more hotels that do fit the profile and provide contact information for their Head of Branding, Head of Marketing, Head of Guest Experience or Head of Sustainability (or similar titles such as EVP, SVP). This information will help create a list of people at hotels to continue work that converts the use of plastic water bottles to the use of reusable and water stations in the hotel sector.

Early Findings

Hotel Review

  • InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a mega-chain hotel. It has 5,795 hotels and 864,699 rooms globally. Therefore, it was removed from the list.
  • Best Western is also considered a mega-chain hotel with more than 4,100 hotels and was removed.
  • There are 46 TRYP hotels and this page suggests that it is the TRYP hotel in Pittsburgh is a boutique neighborhood hotel. There was no evidence to suggest that these hotels are luxury hotel.
  • Choice Hotels offer both the Cambria Hotels and Ascend Hotels, which both serve the upscale segment. Ascend Hotel has 300 properties while Cambria Hotels has 100 hotels open or in the pipeline in the US and Canada.
  • According to Choice Hotel's annual report, Cambria Hotels, Courtyard, Hyatt Place, Hilton Garden Inn has a total of 790,995 rooms, thus an average of 150.4 rooms per hotel. Therefore, Cambria Hotels fits the profile.
  • The hotels that complied were entered on this spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on establishing whether the hotels listed fit the profile.
  • The hotels that were immediately recognized as megachain hotels were removed.
  • For three other hotel brands, we searched for information showing that they fit the profile. While it was possible to identify the type of hotel and the number of properties, the number of hotel rooms proved more challenging.