Research Outline

European Innovative B2B Energy Companies


To find recent examples of innovative B2B business models of energy companies that have been successful in one of the following areas: energy traceability, new ways to provide green energy, co-financing assets for energy generation and distribution, eco-labeling for production chains, free-range energy, the EU new green deal (zero carbon by 2050), fully sustainable value chains, carbon offsetting. The focus is on Europe and related to the EU commission goal of zero-carbon for 2050.

Early Findings

Examples of Innovative European B2B Energy Companies include:


  • Swiss startup DEPsys' vision is for the world to be entirely powered with renewable energy.
  • The company has developed an innovative solution named GridEye that facilitates the running and management of smart grids and microgrids.
  • GridEye is a versatile control platform that helps power grid operators optimize their network, increase safety, and reliability.
  • This platform make it possible to feed important quantities of renewable electricity from various sources into electrical networks.
  • In February 2019, GridEye raised €11.6 million in Series B funding.
  • Depsys is an innovative technology company from Switzerland that is driving new evolutions in the energy market.
  • These include solutions that solve the issue of low-voltage grids not being able to accommodate important quantities of renewable energy produced from decentralized sites.
  • The company is located in Puidoux in Switzerland.


  • Synvertec is an Israeli startup specialized in producing software that allows the transformation of renewable energy from various sources into a stable source of electricity that can then be used in European grids.
  • The main solution developed by Synvertec to optimize the use of renewable energy is named Synchronverter, and can be used to transform inverters into devices able to stabilize grids, which would provide a huge benefit to Europe in the way of increasing the adoption of renewables, without having the constraint of investments to completely overhaul the existing network.
  • Synvertec is an Israeli based company founded in 2014 and using innovative technology developed at Tel Aviv University.
  • Synvertec is funded by a variety of organizations, including venture capitalists, the Israeli government (OCS), and Israel Electric Company.
  • The company is looking to form win-win partnerships with local and global business partners.

3-Biogas Systems Nordic

  • Biogas Systems Nordic AB has developed a new and unique technology that makes it possible to liquefy biogas and use it on small-scale installations in the sectors of agriculture, treatment plants, and industry.
  • The company uses a Biofrigas facility in order to collect natural gas from the processing of manure into motor fuel, and thus greatly reduce carbon emissions by 85% compared with gasoline produced from fossil fuels.
  • Biogas Systems AB is a company based in Sweden, and is specialized in the innovative development and manufacturing of biogas solutions to be used by industries.