Research Outline

Micro-Influencers on Instagram


To establish examples of brands that have leveraged micro-influencers to improve their brand presence with Instagram.

Early Findings


Forever 21

  • As a fashion brand, Forever 21 is a household name with a varying target audience. To attract and raise awareness for their plus-size audience, the brand used plus size fashion influencer, Kristal Heredia.
  • Heredia, a micro-influencer is popular on Instagram for her bold and fearless sense of fashion, which primarily focuses on promoting body positivity and embracing her curves.
  • Heredia, was, therefore, the ideal micro-influencer for Forever 21, as the brand sought to promote the plus-size collection.
  • Forever 21 shares her posts routinely, and it has proven to be a success as the brand capitalized on a highly engaged micro-influencer with a plus-size fan base.
  • By engaging Heredia, Forever 21plus has grown a following of more than 800,000 followers, which proves that the brand has built trust with its target audience.