Research Outline

Instagram - Audience Growth Strategies


To obtain strategies that can be used by brands and businesses to improve their Instagram profile, build a large audience, and keep that audience engaged.

Early Findings

  • According to 9 Clouds, the following tips would help grow a business's Instagram following: sharing good content consistently, monitoring hashtags in the business's target market, holding contests in collaboration with other Instagram accounts in the same niche, avoid buying followers, and promoting the account.
  • By partnering with another business in the same niche on Instagram, both brands can offer a contest or giveaway that requires users to follow both accounts in order to be entered. This eventually helps both brands gain quality followers.
  • Neil Patel suggests that to promote a brand on Instagram and drive sales, it is important to include a link to drive traffic to the business's website. Also, the Instagram name chosen should be the same as, or similar to, the business’s name across other social media platforms. This ensures that the brand is easily recognizable.
  • Brands should create popular posts, preferably images, that users are willing to follow. Also, Instagram has a social culture, therefore, it is important to avoid hard selling.
  • Findings from the Sprout Social Index reveal "that 72% of consumers want discounts or sales to be posted on brands’ social media."
  • Also, it very beneficial to increase engagement with consumers on social media. According to Sprout Social, "when customers feel connected to the brand, they’re 68% more likely to recommend it to a friend and 76% more likely to buy it over a competitor."