Research Outline

Insights on Industrial Equipment Appraisal and Liquidation Market


To provide insights on the industrial equipment appraisal and liquidation market in the United States. The research should focus on providing information on the following aspects: size of the market, competitive landscape and market dynamics, key players in the market, etc.

Early Findings

  • The Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA), headquartered in Virginia, USA, is a non-profit organization that accredits certified equipment appraisers.
  • Till date, the organization has grown to nearly 300 accredited and certified equipment appraiser members.
  • Gordon Brothers, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, claims to have access to the most expansive database of machinery and equipment asset values in the world.
  • The company was established in 1903, and, till date, has completed more than 15,000 machinery and equipment appraisals.
  • Gordon Brothers also provides asset dispositions and liquidations services to a wide range of operational areas, including inventory, machinery & equipment, real estate, receivables, and intellectual property.
  • JLL, the leading real estate and investment management firm, formed a strategic alliance with Gordon Brothers in 2019 to provide appraisal, valuation and disposition services.
  • According to Dun & Bradstreet estimates, Gordon Brothers Group, LLC earned a revenue of US$ 100.0 million annually.
  • Fidelity Appraisals, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona is another company that provides machinery and equipment appraisal services to a wide range of industries, including heavy equipment and construction, manufacturing / industrial, oil drilling / petroleum, IT / data centers, health care and medical, etc.
  • The company serves clients with revenues ranging from US$500,000 to as much as US$500,000,000.