Research Outline

Interesting Investment Opportunities


To find "interesting" investment opportunities that most people tend to overlook (excluding cryptocurrencies and marijuana).

Early Findings

  • "Alternative" investments are a hot topic for those looking for more unusual or interesting investment opportunities.
  • While cryptocurrencies have understandably cooled off, blockchain technology is still a hot market.
  • Mobile payment platforms and technology is seen as poised for huge growth.
  • Peer-to-peer lending is an alternative segment seen as hot for investment. Another, similar, market is equity crowdfunding of startups.
  • While perhaps not as 'interesting' as other segments, fintech is seen as an extremely high-growth market. Related to this is cybersecurity.
  • Robotics, AI and machine learning, all similar industries, are also seen as important investment markets.
  • Some more unusual investments that have been profitable for a long time are mineral rights, burial plots and music royalties.