Research Outline

International K-12 Schools (2)


To obtain information about 1 – 2 examples of international K-12 schools and how they are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early Findings

Examples of International K-12 Schools

  • ZoomInfo has identified a few schools as the top competitors to Global Indian International School (GIIS). These include The International School of Hyderabad, Australian International School, Brillantmont International School, Sotogrande International School, EtonHouse International School, Canadian International School, Knightsbridge Schools International and Marymount International School.

Australian International School — Saigon

  • The Australian Internationals School designated a web page to communicate with parents about the corona virus pandemic.
  • The school regularly posts updates and also send the same information to parents by mail.
  • They have provided resourceful links to websites such as WHO and Vietnamese news for easy access for parents, where they can also get more information.
  • The information communicated includes closure of school, continued adjustment and use of virtual school, additional educational support for students (e.g. Saturday classes, after school classes), cancellation of events and more.

Marymount International School — Rome

  • Upon visiting the school's website, there is an immediate pop up dialog box informing visitors of the closure of the school, virtual classes for students and that they are still able to communicate with the administrative staff via email and phone as they were able to do, prior to the health crisis.
  • Marymount International School also has a designated page about COVID-19. However, here the school provides tips for parents to use in communicating with their children about the coronavirus.
  • The school has also provided additional sources for information about handling a crisis, for example, "Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks" and "Special issue on the Novel Coronavirus".

Brillantmont International School

  • Brillantmont International School has clearly communicated its response to the COVID-19 pandemic on its distance learning website.
  • It started engaging students online on March 16th, and all of their students have the opportunity to interact with their teachers as they normally would in the regular school setting. In fact, students have expressed that it feels just the same".
  • Brillantmont uses Office 365 platform, and Skype for Business to ensure that both teachers and students can communicate effectively even in different time zones. They have also provided a detailed breakdown of how Distance Learning is being used to continue the teaching-learning experience for teachers and students to reassure parents of the quality education that their children are still receiving.
  • They have informed parents and students about the closure of Distance Learning for Easter Holidays and the expected resumption date.