Research Outline

Investor Prospecting

Early Findings


To determine potential investors (venture capital finds, healthcare finds, and/or family investors) who would be viable candidates for investment in an entity similar to



Determining a potential list of investors is likely a feasible ask depending upon the particulars for each investor that need to be included. It is suggested that one of the following options be followed in order to complete this research project: 1) Develop a general list of 20-30 potential investors (and their websites) who have invested at least $1million in Series A funding rounds in the wellness space (3 hours, $99); or 2) develop a detailed list of 10-12 targeted potential investors based on a $5million investment and providing details on who the investor has partnered with, the amounts of each funding, and contact information for each (6 hours, $198).

If the suggested included data points in option 2 are not the exact needed criteria, please feel free to respond to this with a corrected set of criteria.