Research Outline

IoT Data Sharing


To determine if the formulation of business development and/or sales strategies for Wirepas Mesh Network-related hardware business in Japan can be facilitated by non-Japanese companies that adopt Wirepas Mesh Network technology.

Early Findings

Fujitsu Components

  • Fujitsu Components, a Japanese-based ICT company chose Wirepas Mesh software technology to be integrated into its hardware.
  • This enabled Fujitsu Components to create complete solutions with mesh networking features customized for healthcare, smart building and industrial automation and other markets.

U.S. - Japan Policy Cooperation Dialogue

  • In 2016, the United States and Japan held a meeting of the U.S.-Japan Policy Cooperation Dialogue on the internet economy in Tokyo.
  • The meeting, which included private sector stakeholders, talked about the widespread use of emerging technology trends - like the Internet of Things (IoT) - that enable digitally connected societies.
  • Japan provided information on its IoT projects such as IoT Acceleration Consortium and IoT research and development (R&D) policy. Alternatively, the U.S. provided information on IoT policy and the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC).
  • The two countries realized the importance of boosting cooperation on these subjects.