Research Outline



Gain information on startups in Israel that specialize in the detection and maintenance of oil & gas pipelines or water pipelines

Early Findings



  • Curapipe offers a solution to the problem of pinhole leaks in water and gas pipelines.
  • They do this by sending small sponge like objects into pipes, to remove scale and build up.
  • The process can be performed on cast iron, lead and concrete pipes.
  • The process takes little time and is cost effective.


  • The only investor listed for Curapipe is the BIRD Foundation, which gave them an undisclosed amount of seed funding.

Accomplishments & Strengths

  • Curapipes key project is in Italy where they are deploying their solution to reduce water leakage in existing waterpipes, reducing 98% of leakage in their first intervention.
  • The pinholes that Curapipe is able to fix reduce taxpayer costs, and in the case of gas lines can reduce greenhouse emissions.