Research Outline

Jetblack: Goals, Perception, and Positioning


To obtain the following information about Jetblack: goals, mission, or future plans; culture and/or values; customer feedback and perception; and brand positioning.

Early Findings

Goals, Future Plans, and Vision

  • According to Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart's e-commerce in the US, this is the ultimate vision for Jetblack: "Through Store No. 8 and Jetblack, we're able to build and test technology that can lay the foundation for capabilities we believe will have a profound impact on how customers may shop five years from now. Powered by conversational commerce, the future of retail will bring convenience and high-touch personalization to the forefront for consumers everywhere."


  • Jetblack is being run under Store No. 8, Walmart's incubator. Therefore, it shares a similar culture with the incubator that birthed it.
  • According to Store Nº8, their culture is as follows: "We spend every day working on the big bets and transformative ideas that have the potential to drive the future of retail and make good things happen for millions and millions of people. We're lucky like that."
  • In a Glassdoor review, one of its employees made the following remarks regarding the company's culture: "Jetblack culture encompasses a learning environment, never settling for the status quo, and making the most of every moment we're in the office."