Research Outline



To build an overview on KellyOCG, specifically on the group's financial trends, investments, leadership changes, and technology news.

Early Findings

KellyOCG 2019 Data

According to a 2019 service providers' peak matrix assessment from Everest Group, the following are insights into KellyOCG's 2019 activities and spend.
  • The most recent investments of KellyOCG are:
1. The development of a guided work solution, an AI enabled TTI solution in 2018.
2. The expansion of human cloud interaction in multiple programs in 2018.
3. An investment in TSC analytics portal enhancements in 2018.
  • The most recent technological innovations/partnerships of KellyOCG are:
1. Development of Vendor Management System (VMS), in partnership with Fieldglass, Beeline, IQN, PeopleFluent(Vector VMS), and Provade.
2. Development of services procurement/Statement Of Work (SOW) related tools, in partnership with Fieldglass, Beeline, and IQN.
3. Development of Freelancer Managemnt System (FMS), in partnership with Core Plus, Axiom, 99 Designs, and others.
4. Proprietary development of TSC Analytics Portal and combination of TSC Analytics Portal & Guided Work Solutions.
  • KellyOCG has 35 SOW MSP and services procurement experts, 23 category managers, and 26 sourcing experts.
  • KellyOCG's spend on temporary workers accounted for 77% of the total managed spend, SOW accounted for 20%, and independent contractors accounted for 3%.
  • In terms of regions, North America accounted for 75% of managed spend, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) accouted for 22%, and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) accounted for 3%.
  • In terms of SOW categories, IT/Telecom accounted for 39% of managed spend, industry-specific spend accounted for 12%, professional services accounted for 11%, marketing and sales accounted for 8%, facilities accounted for 2%, operations accounted for 2%, and others accounted for 26%.