Research Outline

Kitchens On Kent Demographic Profile Customer


Provide an overview of the restaurant, key experiences, price points, menu items, 3 positive reviews, and 3 negative reviews for Eight Restaurant.

Early Findings



  • The eight kitchens featured at this restaurant are: wok and dim sum; salad; Indian tandoori; pasta; seafood; New York style grill; sushi and sashimi; and desert.
  • Breakfast includes everything from eggs to pastries.


  • Breakfast is NZ$45 per adult.
  • Lunch is NZ$58 for adults Monday through Friday, and NZ$78 on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Dinner is NZ$98 Monday to Thursday, NZ$108 on Friday, NZ$128 on Saturday, and NZ$108 for the 1st Seating on Sunday and NZ$98 for the 2nd Seating.

Positive Reviews

  • "Amazing selection in the buffet, particularly the grilled kitchen with lots to choose from. Fresh seafood and heaven for sweet tooth like me. Staff were also super friendly and helpful. Definitely coming back."
  • "Place filled with wonder. Well mainly filled with hungry people. Very diverse range of foods. Great spacing between tables. Attention to detail from waiting staff is fantastic and above anything else I have come across. Well done Eight."
  • "Expensive but totally worth it! Such a variety to choose from & the staff were great! Selection of seafood and meat for the chefs to cook in front of you was particularly good. Will definitely be back!!"

Negative Reviews

  • "Used to be an excellent place but absolutely getting ridiculous these days. Went there for birthday to enjoy a quiet and nice meal, saw a group of people picking up food with their hand and eating on the spot. Kids running around without parents watching over them. Absolutely disgusting, price is ridiculous. When raised with the manager there, she didn't sound as if she cares. Definitely not going to go back unless they do something to raise their quality back to what it was few years ago."
  • "Very expensive and disappointing experience. Waiting staff were friendly but the food is over rated. The Manager also refused to honour their own discount voucher. They also collect a transaction fee for credit card payments!"
  • "$98-$128 for a two hour dining session for dinner. This is such an awful rule to enforce especially with the amount of money being paid. I came to Eight Restaurant back in 2014 and there was no such dining restriction."