Research Outline

Langham Hotel Buffet Options


To compile a list of questions to ideally ask the operator/owner of the hotel to help determine if a similar buffet concept would work in Pasadena that will expand beyond correlations of previous research findings to include questions related to Langham hotel buffet executive leadership practices and unique factors to consider in the Pasadena area.

Early Findings

Ideal Questions

Langham Hotel Buffet Executive Leadership Practices:

  • The Langham, Melbourne ‘Green Team’ meets regularly to discuss environmental initiatives and to ensure these remain integral to hotel and buffet operations in order to implement best practice standards to improve sustainability. Waterless woks have been installed in the Melba restaurant to help conserve water. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using waterless woks? What have you found to be the most effective practices that you have implemented so far to improve sustainability?
  • Ranked highly as a priority for executive leadership is to offer guests access to technologies. How does technology play a role in the buffet dining experience?
  • Kitchens on Kent has been described as a dining experience that has "redefined the concept of the traditional buffet." In what key ways has the executive leadership team redefined the traditional buffet? What practices have been the most successful and the least successful?

Unique Factors to Consider in Pasadena:

  • There are numerous buffet style restaurants in the Pasadena area. How will you make your buffet concept unique to the competition in Pasadena? Will your focus be more on attracting guests who are already staying in the hotel to dine at the buffet or to the general public?
  • Pasadena is very close to downtown Los Angeles. Do you see this closeness as being a positive or a negative? How can this proximity be maximized to make your buffet concept more profitable?
  • The south Pasadena area is described as having a small town atmosphere. How will your buffet concept appeal to this type of atmosphere?