Research Outline

Kitchens On Kent Demographic Profile Customer


To determine the demographics (ages, gender, income level, educational level, and marital status) of the guests of Kent restaurant, Melba Restaurant, The Food Gallery, and Eight Restaurant.

Early Findings

Observation Website Kitchens on Kent

  • Kitchens on Kent offers a Senior Member Discount card, implying that a segment of its customers is those aged 60 and above.
  • The restaurant offers family feasts for families consisting of two adults with two children. This suggests that a segment of its customers might be married and have at least two children.
  • It offers intimate dinners labeled as "Lover's Date Night". This suggests that a portion of its customers are dating or married.
  • The restaurant offers the opportunity to celebrate multiple special occasions such as birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, christening, bachelor parties, sporting events. This suggests that it caters to both men (as it specifically targets men with sporting celebrations and bachelor parties) and women, persons in relationships, married couples, families.
  • Images on its website are of younger people and senior citizens. Often the people depicted as customers are of white ethnicity, some are of Asian ethnicity.

Observations from Trip Advisor

  • Of the 27 reviews on Trip Advisor, 19 came from Australians, 1 came from a citizen of Hong Kong and 1 from a citizen of South Africa. The other profiles did not mention a location. This suggests that it caters to both domestic (from Sydney and outside of Sydney) and foreign customers.
  • From profile photo's it appeared that visitors were predominantly of white ethnicity some were of Asian ethnicity (of Indian descent, Chinese). There was one review from a family of four.


  • As Kitchens on Kent targets those that are about to get married (engagements, bridal showers, bachelor parties), some statistics on married couples in Australia follow.
  • Most males are aged 30-34 years when they get married.
  • Most females are aged 25-29 years when they get married.
  • The restaurant targets families (family feasts) and statistics show that the average Australian woman has 1.74 children.
  • Also, most new mothers fall in the age group between 30-34 years (Kitchens on Kent offers baby showers).

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on finding a demographic profile of customers of Kitchen on Kent.
  • There was no demographic profile of the restaurant customers available. Therefore, the restaurant's website and a review site were scanned and observations were made based on images, offers, events, and information available on the profiles of reviewers. This was combined with some statistics.