Research Outline

I would like a list of payroll vendors for small businesses. I want a list and differences of what they offer. It’s for a compan

Early Findings


Build a list of payroll vendors with low admin fees for small businesses and explain the differences in what they offer to inform a decision on which payroll system to purchase and use.


  • Gusto (previously known as ZenPayroll) is a three-in-one payroll system that includes payroll, human resources, and a benefit's system that also includes 401(k)'s, workers compensation programming, accounting software and time tracking benefits. They offer a free one-month trial, and after that are only $39/month plus $6 per user.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll is one of the most well-known vendors for payroll technology because they are so well-known for their accounting software. Their payroll program includes tax management packages that range from $24-$87/month, plus $4 per user.
  • OnPay is a payroll software that offers tax filing, unlimited processing, and both an online and mobile program. Their software starts at $36/month plus $4 per user.
  • Wagepoint is a payroll service that will handle direct deposits, payroll taxes, filing W-2s and 1099s, and can even calculate commissions, bonuses, etc. It starts at $20/month plus $2 per user.


Information on payroll vendors and platforms for small businesses, even those with only 2 employees, is very abundant. As a result, we suggest moving forward with an additional three hours of research where we will locate an additional 3-5 payroll vendors and provide all relevant facts and figures via a side-by-side comparison on a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will include each of the four options listed above, in as well as 3-5 additional options. For each option already listed above and that we find later, we will provide the following data points on the spreadsheet:

1. Payroll Platform/Vendor Name
2. Company/Product Webpage (link)
3. Pricing Modules
4. Services offered with EACH pricing module
5. Business size it works best for (by number of employees/users)
6. Any other points you deem necessary (please list below)

If the above suggestion sounds good to you, please respond to the clarification questions below, confirm the scope, and let us know if there is anything else you would like us to change/include. (3 hours, $87)


1. Where is your business located, or what geographic scope would you like us to research within? This is to ensure we are finding a program that is available to your business.

2. Are there any specific qualities that are a "must have" for a payroll software that you would be interested in purchasing? If so, what are these qualities?

3. Is there a budget that you were looking to stay under for a payroll service? If so, how much? This way we know not to provide you with options that are more than that amount.

total: 3 hours, $87