Research Outline

Publicists For Best-Selling Books


To identify PR companies and publicists who have secured publicity for authors of best-selling books, ideally memoirs, but also novels, excluding business-focused books. Details desired include the publicist or PR company name, email address, phone number, their client's best-selling books, and any press, publications, radio, or TV stations they have worked with. This research will be used to identify PR companies and publicists to work with to publicize a memoir.

Early Findings

An effective publicist is one with strong connections to media, including journalists, TV hosts, bloggers, influencers and more. A publicist generally costs between $3,000 and $25,000 or more, depending on the services provided.

Below is a summary of several publicists and PR firms offering press coverage and publicity services for best-selling memoirs or novels.

Kathleen Carter Communications

  • Kathleen Carter Communications is a literary publicity and marketing agency, specializing in numerous areas, including memoirs, commercial fiction, and young adult and children's novels.
  • Kathleen Carter can be reached at or 917-841-7787.
  • She has worked with best-selling authors, including Fiona Davis, national best-selling author of 'The Dollhouse' and 'The Address', and Doug Brunt, New York Times best-selling author of 'Trophy Son.'
  • She has represented memoir authors, such as Michelle Stevens, Ph.D., and Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon Senior Writer.
  • Author testimonials are very positive and reference several media channels used in their publicity campaigns, including podcasts, social media (Twitter, Reddit), and traditional media (television, radio, and print).

Marian Brown

  • Marian Brown is a New York-based, full-service book publicity and consulting firm, who specializes in memoirs and narrative non-fiction.
  • She can be reached at We were unable to find her phone number.
  • She has worked with best-selling authors such as Lesley Stahl, promoting her New York Times bestseller, 'Becoming Grandma', and Michael Wolff, promoting his New York Times bestseller, 'Fire and Fury.'
  • Her campaigns include the full breadth of traditional and digital media publicity services. The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and the Los Angeles Times are sample publications she has worked with to generate publicity for her clients.

Scott Lorenz

  • Scott Lorenz runs Westwood Communications, a boutique PR agency specializing in non-fiction and memoirs.
  • He can be reached at or 734-667-2098.
  • He has worked with authors, such as Elaine Pereira, Jack Kenny and Marshall Moore.
  • His website and messaging notes that he has worked with best-selling authors.
  • He has worked with media outlets such as Good Morning America, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and PBS.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • In this first hour of research, we were able to find most of the information requested for 3 publishers, who focus on publicity for memoirs or novels.
  • In some cases, we could not uncover the specific media channels they work with or have access to, so instead provided the general media channels they work with (e.g., social media, print). We were able to find the email addresses for all 3 publicists identified, but were not able to find the phone number for one publicist in this first hour of research.
  • Additionally, one of the publicists recommended noted he worked with best-selling authors, and reviews of this publicist discussed the respect for this author among specific best-selling authors. However, despite reviewing numerous testimonials, and researching the specific works of authors noted on the website, we were unable to ascertain if any of the authors described were best-selling authors.
  • Our recommended next steps reflect the available information, as discovered in this first hour of research and the format of the findings will be similar (but not necessarily identical) to that provided above.