Research Outline

Virtual Reality Marketing Competitive Analysis


Provide a list of companies similar to Virtual Reality Marketing, who offer VR directories and/or VR branding and marketing, in order to determine strategic partnerships

Early Findings

VR Directories

The VR Index offers a similar directory to VR companies as Virtual Reality Marketing, and focuses on connecting companies, developers, and VR enthusiasts with VR/AR companies.

LinktoVR both offers a directory, as well as “in-house development and partnering solutions” to help clients create their ideal experiences via VR/AR platforms.

The Immersive Directory offers a directory of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality providers including hardware, software, content, storytellers, and creatives within the VR/AR space.

Reality Reload is also a VR/AR directory that calls itself “the world's premiere online XR VR AR MR directory for Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR) companies”.

AreaVR offers a virtual reality company directory as part of their services, that lists hardware & devices, production tools & services, game content providers, non game content providers, & VR marketing companies.

VR Marketing Companies

In addition to the VR/AR directories we also found the following VR/AR based marketing companies:

MBryonic is a London based VR/AR/MR provider that uses the technology to transform the way companies communicate and teach.

BlueText is a VR digital marketing firm based out of Washington DC, that provides VR based branding, digital marketing and strategic communications.

Groove Jones is another VR/AR creative company that primarily produces experiences and content for brands.