Research Outline

Executive Contact Information


To gather the available contact information (business address, email, and phone number) of executives that were involved with the founding of Sabon, including Avi Piatok, Sharon Hasson , and Guy Zwillinger. The information will be used to pitch a business opportunity.

Early Findings

  • According to old articles and Pitchbook, Sabon was founded by Avi Piatok and Sigal Kotler-Levi.
  • Contact information of Avi Piatok, Sharon Hasson, Guy Zwillinger, or Sigal Kotler-Levi is not publicly available.
  • We were able to find only one "Guy Zwillinger" on Facebook, who can be the requested contact as he is from Israel and is friends with a person with the last name Piatok and another with the last name Hasson.
  • Contact information of Avi Piatok and Sigal Kotler-Levi can be requested here.