Research Outline

Remarkable/Provoking CEO Statements about Covid-19 Crisis


To provide remarkable or provoking CEO statements with regard to the coronavirus crisis of mid-to-large sized companies in Europe that will include the company name, CEO name, and quote of the CEO in order to inform a blog post.

Early Findings

Our initial research on remarkable or provoking CEO statements about the coronavirus crisis revealed insights. Here are the pieces of information we found:

Remarkable/Provoking CEO Statements about the Corona Crisis

  • Pascal Soriot, the CEO of the European-based company AstraZeneca, has made several provoking statements regarding the coronavirus crisis. On February 14, 2020, he stated, "The new strain of coronavirus that has created a deadly epidemic in China is a lot more contagious than the flu" but "we’ll get past this epidemic.” On April 30, 2020, Mr. Soriot stated, "In June or July we will have already have a very good idea of its potential efficacy" regarding the coronavirus vaccine that AstraZeneca is currently developing in partnership with Oxford University.
  • Michael Manley, the CEO of the European-based company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and President of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association joined other CEOS of major European companies to make a statement to EU leaders on April 22, 2020. From this statement were the following provoking words, "In order to overcome the extraordinary challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings, the European Union must show that it is more than the sum of its members. Examples of solidarity can be seen everywhere across our continent, but the temptation to look inwards is strong."
  • Ilham Kadri, CEO of the European-based company Solvay made the remarkable and provoking statement, "For sure there will be an end to this crisis. The world will be a different place after this... As an optimist and a humanist, I am convinced it will be a better place. We will understand even more profoundly the need for solidarity and the power of bonding... we will have reinvented a new form of progress- the way we work, the way we travel, the way we cure and care..."