Research Outline

Low and Zero Alcoholic Beverages - Top Global Consumers


To gather information regarding producers of zero and low-alcohol beverages to inform market research.

Early Findings

Zero and low-alcohol beverages are gaining popularity globally. New traditions such as Dry January in the UK bring attention to this trend.

AB InBev

  • AB InBev participates in the making low and zero alcohol beverages, and the company predicts these beverages will make up 20% of profits by the year 2025.
  • AB InBev had a global revenue of $52.3 billion in 2019. Statistics do not specify revenue specific to zero and low-alcohol sales.
  • AB InBev revealed 12 new low and zero-alcohol beers in 2018, in addition to the non-alcoholic beers already launched in 2015 in specific countries.
  • AB InBev reports no- and low-alcohol beverages make up 8% of the company's global beer production in 2018. Total beer production volume reported in 2018 was 567 million hcl. Taking 8% of the total beer volume reveals 45.36 million hcl as the low and no-alcohol volume.


  • Heineken debuted non-alcoholic beer in 2017, and now serves 30 markets globally.
  • Heineken reports a global revenue of 28.52 billion euros, or $31.18 billion USD.
  • Heineken reported $23.4 million in nonalcoholic sales in 2019.
  • Heineken's low and nonalcoholic volume production in 2018 was 13.1 million hcl.