Research Outline

Academic Tutoring Programmes Southern California


Identify academic tutoring programmes in Southern California for supported students. You are specifically interested in the learning approaches for special education students and those with disabilities. For each service you would like to the type of students supported, the key learning approaches, number of students, pricing and the format of their teaching.

Early Findings

  • has a list of the top 50 colleges and universities in the United States for those with a disability. University of California (USC) features at number 2 on their list. USC offers the Disability Services and Programs (DSP) which “provides support services necessary to enable students with disabilities to develop their maximum academic potential while having the dignity to work independently”. The services, free of charge, provided by DSP include 'tutoring, note taking, special accommodations for testing, assistive technology and a stress on meeting the unique needs of students based on their specific disabilities'.
  • Featuring at number 12 on the list is California State University Fullerton who have specific programmes focussed on looking at inclusion and diversity. They offer an assessment to students to determine what services would best fit their needs.
  • Special education in degrees gives a list of of the top 20 colleges for students with special needs. They include USC in their list as well as other institutions across the United States. The list includes universities with strong, effective programming for disabled learners. They went beyond minimum ADA accessibility requirements to find colleges paving the way for equal opportunity. Each prospective school had to include a fully-equipped disability center offering free accommodations, even if extras were available for added tuition.
  • A blog gives their view on the top 20 great colleges for students with learning disabilities. They note the University of California, Irvine in their list. It has no fee and their disability service center allows students to choose their accomodation and alternative materials, including notes provided by other students.