Research Outline

Americas - SAG Grinding Mills


To identify the competitors, as well as their market size, (and/or) market share, and historic growth for semi-autongenous (SAG) grinding mill providers (in copper/gold markets) in North and South America to inform the client’s knowledge base.

Early Findings

Global Autogenous and Semimautogenous Mills: Market Reports

  • According to MarketWatch, “Autogenous or autogenic mills are so-called due to the self-grinding of the ore: a rotating drum throws larger rocks of ore in a cascading motion which causes impact breakage of larger rocks and compressive grinding of finer particles. It is similar in operation to a SAG mill as described below but does not use steel balls in the mill. Also known as ROM or “Run Of Mine” grinding.”
  • Transparency Market Research also puts out a paywalled detailed analysis of this market, as does QYR Research.

Global Key Players

  • MarketWatch lists the following as some of the biggest key players in the (global) SAG industry: Metso, FLSmidth, CITIC, Outotec, Thyssenkrupp AG, TYAZHMASH, Furukawa, CEMTEC, ERSEL, and NHI.
  • Transparency Market Research lists the following as some of the biggest key players in the (global) industry (for both AG and SAG): “KHD Humboldt Wedag International AG, Polysius AG and Koppern Equipment Inc. from Germany, FLSmidth & Co. A/s from Denmark, SGS Group and ABB Ltd. from Switzerland, Metso Oyj and Outotec Oyj from Finland, CITIC Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. and SGI Group from China.” They do not list any from North or South America within the preview of the report, though it is likely some from those regions are listed in the full report.
  • Initial research was conducted into the identified key players: MELT is headquartered in California; Vega is headquartered in Canada; and Magotteaux is headquartered in Chile. Unfortunately, Moly-Cop is headquartered in Australia, so it would not qualify as a regional competitor.
  • Additional searches for specific key players in both the North and South Americas showed very few major players in either region, though additional players might be identified with further research.

Market Segmentation

  • The market can be segmented multiple ways, like by type (autogenous, semiautogenous), by application (metal mining, non-metal mining), and by geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East/Africa).
  • This means that the likelihood of finding a report particular to both North and South America, and only covering semiautogenous mills is very low. Thus, these markets will have to be identified separately, and calculations conducted to identify the particular regional markets and then the specific segment of SAG mills.

Summary of Findings

  • Initial research notes that identifying the market size of either the North American or South American regions is likely to prove difficult with available information, though it may be possible if the global market size is identified/estimated first.
  • Additionally, identifying the top players in either region might also prove difficult, though additional research could be conducted into the key players identified by the client.