Research Outline

Senior-Focused Mobile Devices


To identify up to 10 mobile devices, including device brand name, version, model, and operating system, which are recommended for seniors (65+) or disabled individuals. This information will be used to help to understand potential device usage for the target audiences of a Medicare app in development.

Early Findings

In this one-hour of research, we have compiled a list of recommended senior and disabled-focused mobile devices, their brand, version, model number, and operating system. Recommended phones are typically based on senior and disabled-friendly features (e.g., large screen, large font) and performance.

Recommended Senior or Disabled-Focused Mobile Devices

  • Jitterbug Smart2, Model A622LJBS1 (Alcatel A30 Plus with GreatCall software), customized Android Nougat 7.0

Summary of Additional One Hour Of Research Relevant To The Goals

We identified several lists of recommended senior and disabled-focused smartphones for this compilation. All recommendations were based on recent lists (within the past 5 months), from technical and senior-focused experts, including PCMag, TechRadar, and Assisted Living Today. Other senior and tech-focused sources, such as the Senior List and Technobezz, were cross-referenced, and included many of the same recommendations. Each phone is linked to a retail site in which more detail can be found about the phone (typically Amazon, but in some cases, other online retailers, such as Best Buy).