Research Outline

Mets Fans Psychographics


To obtain data on NY Mets fans such as the likelihood that they bet on games, how they feel about a statistics-driven sport, and how habitual they are about watching the games for the purposes of presenting campaign ideas for a partnership between a beer brand and the Mets. The current objective is to identify why NY Mets fans enjoy the game.

Early Findings

  • A popular phrase about the NY Mets, as reported to be often said by their fans is, “we may not always like the Mets, but we always love them.”
  • One article noted that one thing was certain, that Mets fans were not fans because they enjoyed the thrill of winning.
  • Other stories described it as being “suffering knows no bounds.” In this NY Times essay, the writer interviewed several non-NYer fans who lived abroad. Technology brought the Mets to them as it made seeing games and experiencing Mets culture easier and accessible (especially through social media). One non-US fan noted that liking the Mets appeals to her rebellious nature.
  • Tradition is a major reason for Mets fandom. Some reports talk about growing up in a Mets household (“I basically grew up in Shea Stadium”).
  • A similar reason may have to do familial bonding and sentiment over happy memories. Along these lines, Mets games do have an appealing focus on family fun.
  • One White Sox manager noted that “You see a lot of talent on [the Mets’] side.” Rick Renteria went further to say that Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom and Wheeler, are probably three No. 1s on any particular ballclub.
  • Mets fans have a psychology of taking pride in not being fair-weather fans, especially when compared to Yankee fans who have a reputation (apparently/allegedly) of being “bandwagon” fans who only openly root for and love their team as long as the Yankees are winning.
  • While Wonder's policy does not normally reference Reddit posts, this discussion thread may have some useful insights since it asks “Why do New Yorkers become Mets fans?” The first commenter noted, “Family, closer to the park, easier to get tickets, being a rebel.” Another implied that hating the Yankees was the reason to love the Mets.