Research Outline

Mobility Space M&As


To determine M&A activity in the mobility space, with a focus on commuter bicycles, e-bikes, and carbon fiber bicycle trends

Early Findings

The Global Carbon Fiber Bike market has an estimated value of $2.79 billion USD, with an estimated annual growth of 9.7%.

Key players in the market include e Giant Bicycle, Merida Bike, Battle-FSD, Trek Bike, XDS, Shen Ying Biking, Look Cycle, Marmot Bike, Cube Bike, Colnago, SOLOMO, Kestrel Bicycles, Storck Bicycle, Tyrell Bicycle, De Rosa, DAHON, Pinarello, Canyon, Felt Cycles and Ellsworth Bike.

The Carbon Fiber Bike Market has increased due to a growing demand for high-end bicycles, and increased interest in bicycle related leisure and sport activities, combined with an increase in affordability of high-end bikes.
A Swiss e-bike entrepreneur acquired Accell group in early 2019, as well as Diavelo, both pedelec bike brands.
Scott Sports recently partnered with Bold Cycles, a brand focused on innovative carbon full suspension frame and rear shocks. Both are based in Switzerland.

Custom bike builders Sugar Wheel Works and Breadwinner Cycles in Portland recently merged after 10 years of partnership.

Harley Davidson recently acquired StaCyc Inc., a producer of electric bikes for children. Its EDRIVE models are often sold through power sports dealerships where Harleys are also sold.

Bolle Brands acquired the Spy Optic brand this year, which adds bicycling accessories to their line. The brand was sold by Vista Outdoor in 2018.