Research Outline

Modern Day Harems


To identify people who have built modern day harems to understand how they have been able to succeed and how to build one legally.

Early Findings

Preliminary research shows that there is quite a bit of information available on men who have or have had multiple wives or concurrent relationships. There is also significant information on the theoretical approaches toward multiple relationships, although most of these tend to be religious in nature. Information on the qualities and resources that men like Hefner and Bilzerian have is more qualitative in nature and will require anecdotal reasons as to why women are attracted to men like them. Finally, most management tips come from people currently in plural marriages and in books on the subject.



  • Mormon and Islamic teachings say that "plural marriage is about the husband and wives overcoming the simple problems of plurality (jealousy, inattentiveness, frustration, etc.) and, in doing so, becoming more like God."
  • The prophet Muhammad used plural marriage as a "means of looking after widows and slaves in the newfound Muslim community."
  • People in plural marriages often believe that "a man’s job is to father as many children as he can," and if he weren't married to multiple wives, he would be unfaithful to fulfill his job. In fact, Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism stated, "a man with ten virgin wives, properly obtained, could not commit adultery."
  • Many religions believe that having multiple wives is "a way to get into heaven" because their god wants them to increase the numbers of believers.


  • One reason why Hugh Hefner was able to attract women is that he had connections that could launch their careers. According to the Washington Post, Hefner "launched the careers of scores of now-powerful women."
  • Being featured on Dan Bilzerian's Instagram page is a "fast-track to fame." For instance, after Lindsey Pelas appeared on Bilzerian's Instagram, she had "a million followers in six weeks, and it was all Dan’s doing."
  • Morgan Hultgren, a model, admits she "used Blizerian’s platform to advance [her] career."
  • Abby Rao, a cosmetologist from Mandeville, La, attended a Bilzerian Ignite party because she wanted to be the company's spokesmodel.
  • Many women are attracted to people like Hugh Hefner and Dan Bilzerian because they have money and often share their wealth with their women. For example, Bilzerian offered Sam Abernathy $10,000 if she could ride her bike from LA to Vegas in 72 hours. She did it and became $10,000 richer.
  • Other perks like financing parties and dinners are also attractive to the women who surround Hugh Hefner and Dan Bilzerian.
  • Dan Bilzerian keeps his parties exclusive, which in turn causes more women to want to party with him.
  • Bilzerian also engages "others with his tales of excess — gambling, girls, high-powered weapons and fast cars — and came to embody an aspirational lifestyle for macho bro strivers."


  • In a plural marriage, the man and his wives make the decision to search for new wives together.
  • Women in plural marriages are often responsible for the household and work together as a team.
  • Each woman has her own separate bedroom, and usually, her own separate living space. There is usually a communal kitchen and living space as well.
  • The man usually has a sleep schedule so he can alternate between his wives.


  • Polygamy and bigamy are illegal in all 50 states. However, "tens of thousands of people in North America are involved in multiple marriages."
  • One of the main reasons given by the federal government for banning polygamy is that it is "abhorrent and unnatural." However, similar arguments were made for homosexual marriages, which is now legal in many states. Therefore, it is possible polygamy may experience the same sort of decriminalization.
  • Currently, violations of polygamy and bigamy laws result in felony convictions with prison time and fines.
  • Individuals who want to practice polygamy in the U.S. must do so "without being legally married to more than one woman, but instead being married in the eyes of themselves, their community and their god."


  • "Sacred Man: A Man's Guide to Openly Loving, Healing, and Managing Multiple Women" is a book by Dwayne Mooney that may provide insights into how to "ensure success with all of your relationships."
  • "The Mack's Bible: How to Have More Women and Take Back Your Manhood" is a book by W. James Dennis that has advice on "how to date, sleep with and manage MULTIPLE women."
  • "The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire" is a book by David Deida that serves as a "classic guide to male spirituality" and helps men "tussle with the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire."