Research Outline

Small Recruiting Agency - Best Practices


To obtain the best practices for starting a small (1-3 person) recruiting agency, as well as a breakdown of the steps/procedure required (including the licenses or approvals needed) and how to get first-time deals with hiring employers.

Early Findings

  • According to Profitable Venture Magazine, about $70,000 or less is needed to start a small scale recruiting/staffing agency in the US.
  • Typically, some steps involved in starting this business include obtaining an overview of the industry through market research and feasibility,
  • Also, licenses and permits are needed to achieve this aim.
  • An accountant, money, insurance, and finding a workspace are other processes involved in setting up such a business.
  • Liability insurance, permits, and licenses are required to open these staffing firms.
  • Generally, recruitment agencies find clients by leveraging job postings, social media, e-mail marketing, and cold-call.