Research Outline

Addiction Resources


To obtain a list of resources for families dealing with addiction and helping their loved ones to recover from addiction.

Early Findings


  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website provides a number of resources both for individuals dealing personally with addiction, as well as for friends and loved ones looking for support.
  • Among the services offered via their website are lists of treatment centers, information for a national helpline, backround information on what addiction is and how it manifests, and preventative options.

In the Rooms

  • In the Rooms is an online addiction help service which provides support group meetings both for addicts and for families of addicts.
  • The site offers "meetings" for various forms of addiction, including narcotics, alcohol, and food; as well as for adult children and families of addicts.
  • As well, the site publishes a number of articles and guides concerning addiction and recovery.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides a number of resources for addicts as well as for their families and loved ones who are helping them into recovery.
  • The website includes separate sections for various substances, including cocaine, heroin, opioids, and prescription medications, among others.
  • As well, the site links to a variety of sources and research materials on the subject of addiction.

Addiction Resource Center

  • The Addiction Resource Center "supports patients, families, and providers with critical information about addiction and connects them to quality treatment and recovery resources through our vetted database".
  • In addition to providing online resouces, the ARC also links to a list of local resources such as in-person meetings and recovery centers, and has both a phone and text-based helpline available.

Addiction Resource

  • Addiction Resource provides links to a number of local addiction resources, such as in-person meetings, support groups, and treatment centers.
  • As well, the site provides background and support information for a number of specific substances, such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth.
  • The website further provides guides on support options for friends and loved ones, such as detox and outpatient treatment centers, interventions, rehab services, and more.